Tech-savvy professional with a strong background in Information Technology

Experienced in managing complex IT projects, implementing innovating solutions, and optimizing system performance. Skilled in analyzing business requirements and delivering tailored technology solutions via Power Platform. Committed to staying up-to-date with emerging trends and driving digital transformation.

Recent Work - More Projects scheduled to be uploaded 8/22/2023!

Visitor Registration Log App

A simple app that logs visitors and allows for check in and check out utilizing a SharePoint list as a data source.

Vehicle Registration Log App

An app that logs residents and their vehicles for an HOA gated community with a full list of car makes and models.

License Plate Lookup App

A companion app to the Project 2 - Vehicle Registration Log App intended to be used by security guards.

Hotline Database App

Allows logging of incoming calls to a hotline, call outcomes and call reasons to generate metrics and reports.

Leave Request App

An app for employees to submit leave requests and check leave balances.