Leave Request App

An app for employees to submit leave requests and check leave balances.

Home Screen

Lists steps for employees to take when requesting leave.

Leave Request Screen

Displays all leave requests and filters by status. Sidebar menu on the left is visible on all screens for ease of navigation.

Balances Screen

Shows balances for all leave types. Also allows to submit leave requests from this screen.

Observed Holidays Screen

Displays all observed holidays for planning.

Types of Leave Screen

Excerpts of descriptions for types of leave taken from employee handbook

New Request Screen

A simple form style with at a glance balance information.

Request Process Screen

Loading screen to show progress to user.

Confirmation Screen

Confirmation screen with a timer that will navigate back to the Leave Request screen to view pending requests.

Leave Request Details Screen

Selecting a request displays more details on the right hand side.

Manager Screen

A view for managers to view their direct reports leave requests to approve or deny.

Submit Sick Leave for Direct Reports Screen

A view for managers to submit sick leave on behalf of their direct reports. Intended for when direct report is unable to submit request themselves.